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Friday, May 27, 2016

Reports: Still too few Italian women in Science

Welfare Society Territory | Roberta Lunghini | May 27, 2016

Dorotea Bucca was an Italian physician. Little is known of her life, except that she held a chair of medicine and philosophy at the University of Bologna for over forty years from 1390.

In Italy, there are still too few women in Science: only 1 out of 4. And it gets worse when one considers the leading positions and decision-making bodies. Just think that, if at the beginning of the profession there is a substantial gender equality (48% of researchers are women and 52% men), when advancing in the career the balance is clearly in favor of the male component, that reaches 76% of the total. While the female colleagues account for 24%. Furthermore, women employed as directors of research institutes or departments are less than 17%. The figures were released by the President of the National Observatory on Women’s Health, at the awards ceremony of 38 Italian female researchers in the framework of the “Top Italian Women Scientists 2016″. The club that brings together the best Italian women scientists of the “Top Italian Scientists (TIS).

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