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Our Leadership


Julene Allen, Executive Director
Julene Allen is Executive Director and Founder of Women For Action. She's based in Chicago, Illinois and Dayton, Ohio. She founded Women For Action based on the principle of women and minority groups being greater stakeholders of their social and political well being by lending their voices to open platforms.  Out of her skill as a  writer, she’s curtailed Women’s For Action’s work as a content provider to advocate for gender equality and free speech to promote women of influence. She is also an amateur artist and facilitates many of Women For Action's art fundraising initiatives.

Chiara Cola, European Market Strategist
Chiara Cola is Women For Action's European Market Strategist, based in Rome, Italy. She coordinates and manages interviews with key subjects in Europe. She has a background in digital design and owns the design brand Chiara Cola which has been acknowledged by Vogue Italy and Harper Bazaar Russia. Her background in digital design, fashion and business enables her to facilitate Women For Action's relationships with creative engineers in different parts of the world.